Ellie Salthouse

Hey there, I’m Ellie Salthouse.

As a young child, I grew up being encouraged to participate in a broad range of sports, from touch football to hockey and everything in between. Having an older brother meant contact sports were very attractive to me, anything just to keep up with him. It wasn’t until I was 11 years old that I started to particularly enjoy cross-country running, even being selected for national teams. Naturally, having talent for the sport meant that I grew to love it and, when I saw an advertisement for the Weet-Bix kids triathlon on the back of the cereal box, thought it could provide good grounding for a triathlon pursuit. Who would have thought, munching on my Weet-Bix at the tender age of 11 could have sparked the start of a long and successful triathlon career?


I just want to win and pat frenchies all day.

- Ellie Salthouse