Salthouse, Wilson take Challenge Shepparton


Salthouse prevailed in a fierce duel with fellow Aussie Andrea Forrest that was settled by time gained in transition. Salthouse began with a women’s best 25:51 swim that gave her a 16 seconds advantage, then gave back 15 seconds on the bike leg. Salthouse surrendered 5 more seconds to Forrest’s women’s-fastest 1:24:58 run but took the win by virtue of a T1 time which was 9 seconds faster than Forrest and a T2 time which was 45 seconds faster than her rival. 

Salthouse finished in 4:19:16 with a 50 seconds margin of victory over Forrest and 9:13 over 3rd-place Katey Gibb. 

Salthouse’s Shepparton victory adds to a strong 2016 season that includes 70.3 wins at Boulder and Miami and triumphs at Challenge Melbourne and Rev 3 Knoxville. 



1. Ellie Salthouse (AUS) 4:19:16
2. Andrea Forrest (AUS) 4:20:08
3. Katey Gibb (AUS) 4:28:29
4. Amanda Wilson (AUS) 4:28:15
5. Zoe Adams (AUS) 4:37:543 *F25-29
6. Georgia Stott (AUS) 4:40:44
7. Rachael Paxton (AUS) 4:44:09
8. Stephanie Demestichas (AUS) 4:45:48
9. Michelle Leason (USA) 4:48:32
10. Bonnie Van Wilgenburg (GBR) 4:49:51

Talbot Cox