The return of Ellie Salthouse

21-year old Aussie Ellie Salthouse walked away from the sport after she had lost the passion but she is now back under the watchful eyes of Siri Lindley and we should expect to see much from this talented young athlete. 


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Slowtwitch: Hi there Ellie.

Ellie Salthouse: Hi Herbert. So great to chat with you. 

ST: Have you packed your suitcase already for that big trip to Boulder?

Ellie: Not yet, I am usually a bit slack on the packing front. I tend to be a fan of last minute packing. After all, us athletes work better under pressure right? 

ST: Some folks deal better with pressure than others.

Ellie: Thankfully, more often than not, anything that may miss the suitcase can be purchased on the road. 

ST: I meant pressure in general, including race pressure.

Ellie: Dealing with race pressure is definitely something that comes with experience. It will always be there but I’ve learnt that dealing with it in a positive manner is the key. It’s important to surround yourself with people who keep you at ease and don’t add to the pressure, particularly on race day. That being said, I find that practicing race situations in training always helps and makes me feel prepared when I step on the start line. 

ST: But on that topic of packing, will there be lots to pack or are you a light traveler?

Ellie: After being stung $950 in excess baggage on my first overseas trip, I very quickly became a light packer!! 

ST: How long will you be based there?

Ellie: I’ll be there for 6 months this year but hopefully in future years, Boulder will be my base for most of the year. I couldn’t pass up training in the Australian summer though. 

ST: What do you think you will miss most while you are gone? 

Ellie: I’ve previously been based overseas for long periods of time so I am pretty good at dealing with home sickness. Of course I will still miss my family and friends back home though. 

ST: No specific food items you will miss?

Ellie: I’ll definitely miss my lunch staple of vegemite, avocado and eggs on toast. I guess I’ll have to find a new accompaniment to my eggs. Or request care packages from home!



ST: Will your folks come visit you?

Ellie: They are definitely planning to. They are my biggest fans so it will be great to have them watch me race and show them around Boulder. 

ST: When and how did that Siri Lindley connection come up?

Ellie: In October last year I contacted my mentor, and past Olympian, Loretta Harrop who immediately referred me to Siri. I had the opportunity to meet Siri at Christmas time and within the first 5 minutes of meeting her, I knew she was the one I wanted to work with to achieve my triathlon goals. 

ST: What in those 5 minutes struck you right?

Ellie: I walked into the café, neither of us having any idea what the other looked like, and Siri immediately stood up, gave me a hug and said “so great to finally meet you, Ellie!!” with more excitement than I have ever seen come from a single person. If that doesn’t make you want to work with her, I don’t know what does. I could see from the moment we met just how committed to and passionate Siri was about the sport and getting the very best out of her athletes.

ST: If I recall you walked away completely from the sport. Was that just about lacking results or had the passion flame gone out?

Ellie: I had such promising results in 2011 and 2012, traveling the world racing and training; doing what I loved to do. In 2013, I returned from injury and started the season on a high. But as the year progressed, things started to really come unstuck and my passion for the sport dwindled, which is when I returned home from Europe and knew I needed to take some time away from the sport to decide what I really wanted. I would either miss triathlon or I wouldn’t, it was that simple. Thankfully I did!

ST: You are still quite young but have been involved with the sport for a long time.

Ellie: I started triathlons when I was 11 years old, and made my first Australian team in 2010 where I won two silver medals at the Inaugural Youth Olympic Games. I just turned 21 on the weekend so it has been a big few years but many more to come I’m sure! 



ST: Do you feel that you maybe missed out on being a teenager?

Ellie: Definitely not. Unlike most teenagers, I had the opportunity to travel the world racing and training. I’ve met some exceptional people along the way, something I wouldn’t change for the world. Of course, there were times when I missed my friends and spending time with them, but I never felt like I missed out on being a teenager. 

ST: How did that love and passion for triathlon get rekindled?

Ellie: I definitely think having some time away from the sport helped me miss it and truly appreciate what I had. It took me those few months to realize that I still had unfinished business out on the race course that needed tending to. 

ST: How has that Gold Coast time been with Siri so far?

Ellie: It has been fantastic! It is such a supportive and encouraging environment training with Siri and my new teammates. Training with the long course athletes is something I am not used to and they definitely push me to my limits and encourage me to give 100% of myself in every session. 

ST: Who is all there with you?

Ellie: Siri, Bek Keat, Mary Beth Ellis and Michelle Bremmer

ST: Is there anyone you especially match up well?

Ellie: I don’t think there is one person in particular. I get along really well with each of the girls and they have accepted me so willingly into their group. Can’t wait to meet the rest of the crew when I arrive in Boulder. 

ST: We assume the new focus for you will be Rio. 

Ellie: Yes, Rio is definitely the main focus now. I am positive that working with Siri will give me the best possible chance of being on that start line in 2016. 

ST: But first things first, what is going on for you the next few months?

Ellie: At this stage I am mostly just looking forward to the move to Boulder and getting a good, solid base block in and will establish a race plan with Siri in the coming month. I want to make sure I am 100% physically and mentally ready to race before I step on any start line. I would definitely love to step up to the WTS circuit later this year though, so that will be a major focus as the year progresses. 



ST: Sponsors?

Ellie: I am so grateful to have Vorgee as a long time sponsor of mine. They are incredible. I have recently signed with my manager, Aimee Johnsen, and we are working on building relationships with new sponsors who can help support me to reach my Olympic goal. For me, I really want to work with companies I can have a great long-term relationship with. 

ST: To those who don’t know, can you explain what Vorgee is about?

Ellie: Vorgee is an Australian company that produce the highest quality swimming equipment for all ages and abilities. I can honestly say that their products are like nothing else I have ever used, and if you haven’t already, you have to get yourself a pair of their Fuze goggles! But the company goes much further beyond their equipment, they are the most supportive team I have ever had the chance to work with and am truly grateful for their ongoing support and encouragement. 

ST: Anything else we should know?

Ellie: I consider myself a little bit of a dessert whiz in the kitchen. Oreo cheesecake is my speciality! 

ST: But how often do you get to enjoy such sweet delights?

Ellie: Not very! But every now and again I sample my creations, just to check they’re edible of course!!

Article by HERBERT KRABEL at Slowtwitch

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