ReST Partners with Pro Triathlete Ellie Salthouse


Sleep technology innovator, Responsive Surface Technology, LLC (“ReST”) has partnered with Ellie Salthouse, who is known as triathlon’s “Millennial Champion.” As part of her training and recovery, Ellie sleeps on a ReST Bed™ which was designed to help athletes sleep better and recover faster.

Ellie started racing triathlons at 11 years old, and she turned professional in 2010 at 17 years old. In 2016, training under legendary coach Siri Lindley, Ellie made the switch to half distance racing and experienced immediate success including two IRONMAN 70.3 wins and two Challenge half wins. Ellie has already achieved three podiums in 2017. She has her sights set on winning the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships in Chattanooga in August.

“Ellie is one of triathlon’s rising stars,” says Lloyd Sommers, General Manager of ReST. “She is poised for greatness for years to come. As a student pursuing a degree in Health Science, Ellie fully appreciates the role sleep plays in recovery. We’re proud that she is sleeping on the ReST Bed™ as part of her preparation for the IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships later this summer.”

ReST has created the only truly smart bed – winner of “Innovation” and “People’s Choice” awards at CES, the world’s most important consumer electronics show. The ReST Bed™ promotes better circulation, which increases the amount of oxygen muscles can receive. The sleeper can customize pressure-relieving adjustments to the parts of the body that need them most that night.

Additionally, the ReST Bed’s™ patented fabric senses the sleeper’s unique shape and pressure profile – and then uses that data to ensure that the surface automatically responds to improve spinal alignment and head-to-toe back support.

“I rave about the ReST Bed™ to everyone! I honestly believe it is my secret weapon for the World Championships,” says Salthouse. “Between my international race schedule and splitting my time between Australia and Boulder, I travel quite a bit. The ReST Bed’s™ sleep technology ensures that when I am home, I am maximizing my sleep. This is a smart bed.”

About ReST
ReST’s mission is to perfect the sleep experience. ReST is the only company with an integrated solution that not only tracks sleep data but automatically responds to that data to help people sleep better.

Our main product is the ReST Bed™: the only truly smart bed. The ReST Bed™ incorporates our patented smart fabric, which senses changes in pressure and interacts with the mattress in order to automatically respond to the sleeper’s comfort and support needs throughout the night. In addition, a ReST Bed™ provides useful information and data about consumers’ sleep patterns, making it an ideal mattress for athletes. Above all, ReST Beds™ – like all of our products – help people sleep better so that they can live healthier and more productive lives.

Talbot CoxComment